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Welcome to 

Studio Tinka 

by Tine Josephy

a home studio and

on location service for

make-up & hairstyling.

to make you look like

your best self 

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make-up artist, hairstylist and owner of Studio Tinka

(named after my third official name ‘Tinka’).

Studio Tinka is based in Ghent, Belgium but It’s also possible to book services on location.


At the young age of 14, I found a passion for make-up that only kept on growing.

now, 13 years later, I still continue to perfect my skills and further my knowledge by regularly following workshops and evening classes.

Hi, I'm Tine


I am specialised in creative make-up & hair, but I have discovered a love for

natural, beauty, bridal and boudoir make-up & hair.

(For more creative, fashion or commercial make-up head over to


With Studio Tinka I want to make you feel and look like your best self.

So you can shine on your big day or be your most confident during your (boudoir) shoot.

about me

Make-up & hairstyling is for everyone.

This is a safe space regardless of age,
disabilities, gender, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.


Studio Tinka only works with cruelty free products 🌿 




make-up & hair 

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Bride to be 

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Engaged? Congratulations!
Want to know if your wedding date is still available? click here to contact Studio Tinka


For your wedding day it is important that your make-up and hair are exactly how you want them to be so you can feel extra beautiful. 

My mission is to make you look like your best self while making sure everything lasts all day (and night ✨) even when you get a little emotional or end up partying until the early morning.

Oh and of course I make sure you look just as amazing on picture. 

Because I want you want to be able to look back at your wedding pictures in 10 years and still love how you looked that day. 


It's possible to have the look you dream of!

Anything from the most natural to very creative, it's your choice. 

Before your wedding we will do a try out of the look and perfect it. 

This way, you now exactly what to expect and can fully relax in my chair

on your big day.

What can you expect? 



To book your wedding date, you can message me through the contact form.
Include as much info as possible, i will get back to your request as soon as possible.
If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them.
Once your booking is confirmed I will block your date & time in my agenda.



after booking you can send me more pictures of the look you have in mind and the outfit you will wear as well as a picture of yourself.

In this stage you can  let me know more detailed how many extra people want make-up/hair so that we can plan in enough time. 
Depending on the amount of people and the timing, I will contact extra artist(s) to come along so that you all look beautiful without needing to rush.

We will also decide on a date to do a try-out of the look(s)  you have chosen. 



A trial session takes place at Studio Tinka about 4-12 weeks before your wedding.


During this time we will try out the look(s) you have chosen and make sure it fits with your accesoires, earrings and outfit. 
This is the time where we can make adjustments and try out different things so that you are prepared and can fully relax on your wedding day.


The trial will take between 2-4h depending on your look.

It is best to bring your (hair)accesoires with you. 



After the trial you'll let me know how you liked the look and I'll ask you to send me some pictures of how well the look lasted during that day.
This way I know if i need to make some adjustments to make the look even better on your big day.


your wedding day 

On your wedding day I will come to your place so you don't have to think about going somewhere.

You can wake up slowly and relaxed while i do your make-up/hair. 

You will get a little touch up bag with bobby pins, cotton buds, a bit of your lip color & powder,... This way you can do a quick touch up druing the day if needed. 


In case you want to change your look during the day or want me to do some touch ups, you can also opt for booking me for the whole day.


make-up & hair 


Go out of your comfort zone while feeling extra confident! 


I have modelled multiple times for boudoir shoots and know

how scary and exciting it can feel.
That's why I advise to book a professional make-up & hair artist so

you can relax before your shoot. 

I love how a boudoir shoot gives you an instant confidence boost

that you feel again every time you look back at your pictures.

And make-up & hairstyling play a big part in this, so your whole look is cohesive. 

For your shoot you can choose any look you like wether it's natural, glam or retro inspired. 

A boudoir shoot is a beautiful present to gift to yourself or a partner. 

You can either book me for a shoot you have plannend or I can refer you to some boudoir photographers I regularly work with.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


treat yourself 

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Finally took that step towards beautiful boudoir pictures? Click here to book your complementary make-up/hair look